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Steve Aoki & Paris Hilton’s Superstar DJ Tips





EDM icon Steve Aoki has revealed that he uses cake throwing and crowd-surfing in a rubber boat as key artistic elements to enhance the narrative of his carefully crafted DJ sets, adding that such antics help differentiate him from EQ and knob-twisting traditionalist DJs.


“For people that don’t know what DJs are actually doing up there, when you’re not mixing into the next song or out of the previous one, there is not a lot to do,” he explained in a lengthy essay of the Daily Beast.


“They (haters) don’t understand that cake and rafts are like nutritional supplements,” he added ( )


Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, meanwhile revealed some of the equally unique performance skills Paris Hilton has used to turn herself into the world’s highest paid DJ in a review of her latest set at Ibiza Amnesia.


Noting how the billionaire heiress immediately enraptured the crowd by jumping up and down and screaming ‘“Make some fucking noise motherfuckers, let’s party’ as she entered the booth, the Star also managed to get to reveal that costume changes are essential (‘a lot of DJs don’t dress up mainly because a lot of them are guys’) as well as the vital importance of the foam cannon.


“I love spraying foam all over everyone then getting involved and dancing in it myself,” Paris explained. “It’s crazy, people go wild,” she explained. (Daily Star: )


The Sun, meanwhile, provided more detailed information on her technical prowess as well as the enormous fees her talent has instantly generated.


”She’s making $2.7million from the four nights – $347,000 an hour,” an ‘Ibiza source’ told the British tabloid.


The crowds do seem to enjoy it but most are too off their faces to care that she’s simply pressed play on a Beyoncé megamix,” he added. (YourEDM: )

















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