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Fatwa Against Selfies




“It is a great scientific and professional error to take this incident out of its special context and generalize it on matters perceived similar without referring to experts.” (


Egyptian Grand Mufti advisor Magdi Ashour dismissing complaints after ‘semi-governmental Islamic authority Dar al-Ifta issued a fatwa banning females from taking and sharing selfies because such photos “are used “in corrupted acts by deviants, and it is deemed foreign to our religion”.”



“Every girl takes like full like pictures of their ass in the mirror.(New York Daily News)


Reality TV icon Kim Kardashian explains the inspiration behind her soon to be published 352-page book of selfies titled ‘Selfish’.



“Kim Kardashian is simply the id of capitalism run wild, the narcissistic force that wants what it wants, when it wants it, an incarnation of the fulfilled wish to talk and think about absolutely nothing while rolling in snuggly designer sheets. Unattached and oblivious, the spoiled child becomes the American avatar of freedom and self-expression, something elevated and even holy.” (Alternet)


AlterNet’s Lynn Stuart Parramore explains why Kim Kardashian is the ‘Perfect Icon for Our Sick Society’.

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