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Straight-Edge Under 20s Snub ‘Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll’





Generation Y young people are spurning drink and drugs because they’re either career obsessed and ambitious or too broke to party, the Daily Telegraph reported this week.


“Youth culture today is all about clean-living and wholesome hobbies,” the newspaper continued, “20 is the new 40”.


The article also reference a report in the New York Observer by Peter Hyman titled ‘Bring back the generation gap’, in which he suggested ‘the old generational identities that once defined us have now broken down’.


“The net result is a messy temporal mash-up,” he said, “In which fortysomethings act like skateboarders, twentysomethings dress like grandfathers, tweens attend rock concerts with their parents and toddlers are exposed to the ethos of hardcore punk.” (New York Observer; )


Infamous acid techno terrorist Henry Cullen (aka D.A.V.E. the Drummer) touched on the topic in a poignant post on Facebook this week, celebrating his 11 year old son Alec starting at secondary school.


“Alec’s first day at big boy school tomorrow. He’ll be in a gang of chain smoking hoodie street robbers by Christmas,” he predicted.


“Which is great,” Henry added, “I need a new watch. Go Alec!”








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