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10 Commandments of Ebola




“With an incubation period of roughly 21 days, were someone to infect themselves with the virus they could easily make their way into the country and begin spreading it with no one being the wiser until it was too late.” (PrisonPlanet: )


Prison Planet claims at least three ‘high level claim government sources suspect terrorists are planning to infect themselves with Ebola and spread the disease in the West.



“5. Thou shalt not EAT or DRINK from the same pan, place or cup with family member, friend or anybody.”


“7. Thou shalt not HAVE SEX with strangers; be very careful of the person you have sex with, they could have the EBOLA virus – no sleeping around. Stick with the person you know very well.”


Two of the ‘ten commandments of Ebola’ posted on signposts in West Point,  Monrovia.










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