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Holland’s Sena Targets International DJs and Labels





Dutch collections agency chief Markus Bos urged labels and performers from outside the Netherlands to consider joining Sena, at a panel talk on ‘Neighbouring Rights’ at ADE last week.


“Sena is here to help,” Markus told Skrufff.


“And contrary to our German and French colleagues, we have an international focus.”


“We have to, “ he added, “Holland is a small country with big stakes in the global dance industry with names as Afrojack, DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrax and also event organizers like ID&T, Monumental and many others.”


Sena collects money for producers and performers when their music is played on radio, TV in bars, restaurants, shops and workplaces internationally and is rapidly catching up with royalty payments for record sales, said Marcus.


“Sena now collects over 60 million euros annually, whereas royalties have slipped from over 400 hundred to less than 200 million euros (consumer spend) in recent years,” he explained.


“The worldwide turnover for neighbouring rights exceeded 2 billion dollars in 2013. The biggest markets being the US, Brazil and Japan and within Europe the UK, France, Germany and Holland,” he added.


Marcus urged producers particularly those with labels (‘if you run your own label, you can collect double’) to sign up with collections agencies urgently.


“Make yourself known, we are looking for you when we have money for you. But if we cannot find you within three years after the airplay of your track, the money goes to other performers,” he warned.


“If your tracks are offered for sale, make sure you register with SENA or your international equivalents (PPL, Playright, GVL and so on),” he recommended.


“Make sure your repertoire information is up to date.”


“We are aiming at accurate, efficient and fast distributions of monies. Accuracy will improve when the played repertoire is reported to us in the right format,” he concluded. “Pioneer, with Get Played, Get Paid and DJ Monitor are very instrumental in this respect.”


“Get Played, Get Paid”, the campaign by leading nightlife industry campaign AFEM, was also launched at ADE, with AFEM chief Mark Lawrence lending AFEM’s full support to Pioneer’s new KUVO boxes, which will be delivering DJ set list data to collections agencies starting with Australia’s APRA.


“Incomplete or missing data currently means around £100m currently goes to the wrong songwriters & artists,” said Mark.


“Part of the problem is down to writers, artists and tracks not being registered at collection societies so the organisations don’t know who to pay,” he added,


“But even more significantly, most societies do not have accurate granular data on what is actually played in clubs. AFEM is working with the electronic music community and the collection society network in an attempt to tackle these problems head-on.”


ISRC Codes (Vital for all tracks): The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is an international standard code for uniquely identifying sound recordings and music video recordings: An ISRC code identifies a particular recording, not the work (composition and lyrical content) itself. Therefore, different recordings, edits, and remixes of the same work should each have their own ISRC code….”



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