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Shy Sharks Swim Alone





Sharks have distinctive personalities and socialize accordingly, a new study revealed this week.


Researchers from the Marine Biological Association placed ten catsharks in various different locations and observed which sharks hung out with each other and which are lone wolves and suggested their behaviour matched humans socialising in bars and clubs.


“Well-connected individuals formed conspicuous groups,” animal behaviour expert Prof William Hughes told the BBC, “While less social individuals tended to camouflage alone, matching their skin colour with the colour of the gravel in the bottom of the tank.” (BBC)


Marine experts at Sea Life London Aquarium previously tried to take advantage of the similarities between sharks and people, playing Barry White and Marvin Gaye songs to two sharks in the hope the pair would mate.


“Zorro has something of a reputation as a “ladies shark” and as Mazawabee has been ‘single’ for a number of years now we really thought they would get together very quickly,” aquarium curator Paul Hale said at the time.


“Research suggests that fish can not only hear music but can appreciate different tunes and melodies so we have decided to see if some good old fashioned love songs will get them in the mood,” he predicted (BBC: )


US zoologist Mark Carwardine also noted similarities when he suggested sharks were unfairly demonised due to the odd bad apple swimming round devouring people.


“For every person who gets bitten by a shark, 25 people get bitten by New Yorkers,” he pointed out (in 2010).










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