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Robert Hood’s Mission from God



Detroit techno legend Robert Hood chatted candidly about struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts in an interview with Fabric last week and revealed that ditching materialism in favour of spiritualist belief has transformed both his life and attitude towards music.


“It’s about being free and living life in abundance with peace and joy; and not material wealth, but a sense of well-being,” he explained.


“I’m giving people a choice and saying now you’ve had the blue pill, you can have the red pill. We have been living in the matrix but here’s another choice in techno music. Here’s life.” (Fabric)



His philosophy struck a chord with the views of Chicago house legend Farley Jackmaster Funk who, chatting to Skrufff some years ago, recalled converting to evangelical Christianity and ditching hard living for saving sinners.


“It doesn’t offend me to see people drink or smoke, but what it does do is make my heart cry, more for their souls,” he explained when quizzed about DJing for roomfuls of people dancing under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.


“Hopefully when they meet Christ, Christ will clean them up and the abuse, which they can’t see because they’re so into themselves, will be wiped away,” said Farley.


Acid house pioneer DJ Pierre similarly spoke of ‘answering the call’ regarding his own conversion, which he said happened at his lowest moment.


“I think the path is always calling and it calls louder to creative people because we are the voices. Music is life . . . so we are the ones who interpret life through our music,” said Pierre.


So I think God wants to use our gifts to encourage this world. Just to show love period. That’s the main purpose for being born again; to show Love. Not just worldly Love but the kind of love that still exists even if its not returned; unconditional love. That’s the only thing, I think, that is going to keep this world together in the next coming generation.”


“I do believe there will be an end and a new beginning,” Pierre added.


“All the things happening now are leading up to that; this is why all the people who know better need to stand in the gap and help to balance things out so they can be more bearable.


By ‘stand in the gap’ I mean people should give to a charity, feed someone or a family, or give someone a break who’s looking for one: show love,” he urged.












Jonty Skrufff



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