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US Mom Launches ‘Amend the RAVE ACT’ Campaign




An American mother who blames Federal authorities for causing the ecstasy-related death of her 19 year old daughter has launched an online campaign to ‘Amend the RAVE Act to prevent more clubbers dying from over-heating caused by the dangerous legislation.


“One more death is one too many,” Dede Smith declares on ‘’.


“On August 31, 2013, my daughter, Shelley, died of heat stroke at an electronic dance music (EDM) concert in Washington D.C. after taking MDMA.”


“Shelley was an honors student at the University of Virginia. She loved life and was an inspiration to all those who knew her. Her death was not an overdose,” she continues.


“Rather, it resulted from a combination of MDMA and dehydration after dancing for hours in a hot, overcrowded environment, which ultimately led to hyperthermia or heat stroke. It can happen to anyone. In fact, fatalities are increasing at EDM concerts and festivals across the country.”


“Too many young people are dying, and the 2003 RAVE Act is part of the problem because it is preventing the implementation of common sense safety measures at these events. It is time for a “safety first” approach to drug use that emphasizes harm reduction alongside current law enforcement efforts,” she urges.


“Providing free water and air-conditioned rooms, and allowing drug education and harm reduction services inside their events would save lives. Yet many event organizers are afraid that these actions could be seen as encouraging drug use and therefore subject them to criminal prosecution under the RAVE Act.”


Her assessment exactly matches the FBI’s official ‘What are raves?’ online explanation which offers chilling confirmation that event organizers should be afraid of considering any ‘safety first’ actions that could prevent avoidable deaths.


“Rave promoters capitalize on the effects of club drugs”, the FBI declares.


“Bottled water and sports drinks are sold at Raves, often at inflated prices, to manage hyperthermia and dehydration . . . Cool down rooms are provided, usually at a cost, as a place to cool off due to increased body temperature of the drug user“. (‘Tips for Parents: The Truth About Club Drugs’: “Raves” are high energy, all-night dances that feature hard pounding techno-music and flashing laser lights . . .)



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