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Dutch Authorities Issue ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Cocaine Alert




TimeWarp advised revelers attending the techno festival’s Dutch edition ‘to stay away from any street dealers!’ this weekend after Amsterdam police issued a highly detailed alert warning about deadly drugs being sold in the city.


“The Dutch government has announced an official warning regarding deadly accidents with supposed cocaine in Amsterdam,” Timewarp announced on Facebook.


“Several tourists were hospitalized with life-threatening conditions after using cocaine bought on street which was actually white heroin.”


The official alert was even more alarming, declaring ‘three tourists have died- so avoid street dealers. Research has revealed that the ‘cocaine’ used was actually white heroin.’


“If someone faints or starts breathing superficially at all, call 112 for an ambulance’, they advised, “While you wait, keep the victim awake by walking or pinching the shoulder muscle.


“You will not be arrested for using drugs in Amsterdam,” they added.


On an additional information page they went into even greater detail for anyone who has already bought drugs from random street sellers.


“Test it by placing a pinch of the powder on your tongue. If, within a few minutes, this does not have a numbing effect, it is not cocaine. It could be heroin instead,” they warned.


“Don’t all begin at once if you are with a group. First, let ONE of you test a small amount: one tenth (1/10) of a line. If that person feels nauseous after around ten minutes, it is most likely heroin and not cocaine.”













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