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Seth Troxler Blasts Police Brutality





Underground house star Seth Troxler criticized US politicians including Obama, this week, for failing to take against action over the growing numbers of US cops killing citizens in dubious circumstances then being let off with zero criminal sanctions.


Chatting to the Independent, the Detroit raised superstar DJ suggested the US president was frightened of being accused of ‘playing the race card’, and was characteristically blunt about the growing numbers of street protests convulsing the States.


“With the recent situation in Ferguson, it’s fucked, it’s so bad,” said Seth.


“With police brutality, at what point does the government really intervene and really stand up for something?” he asked.


Hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons also discussed the street protests in an interview with CNN, suggesting they’ll likely escalate.


“When people understand the injustice properly, the way these protestors understand it, they’re all going to fight for justice, and that’s going to change this system,” the Def Jam founder predicted,


“And America has not seen protests like those that are coming if justice doesn’t start to come down,” he warned.


Music industry analyst Bob Lefsetz echoed Simmons’ assessment.


“The truth is we haven’t seen protests like this since the sixties. Police abuse in Ferguson and NYC is emblematic of a police state wherein there’s a camera on every corner and you’re guilty until proven innocent. Just ask a black man, he’ll tell you,” the California based writer declared.


“So while you’re sitting there in your cubicle, or at home dreaming up your app, ask yourself, what are you doing to improve our country, what are you doing to help your brother, what are you doing to make tomorrow better than today?” he urged.


Meanwhile on Youtube, scores of videos were posted of protests across the states including those in Berkeley, where students posted clips of police ‘continuing to assault peaceful demonstrators’.


“Berkeley students and Berkeley residents began a peaceful march from Sproul Plaza to the Berkeley Marina to protest the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and countless other brown and black youth at the hands of police,” one clip viewed several hundred thousand times declared.


“Along the way, police set up barricades and fired rubber bullets and smoke bombs, shattering one student’s knee and causing another student to have a seizure. Please share this video”:












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