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Disco Legend Anticipates the ‘End of EDM’





The Guardian labeled 70s super-star producer Cerrone ‘the disco pioneer you’ve probably never heard of’, this week, though suggested the infamously decadent creator of club classics including Love In C Minor’ and ‘Supernature’ could soon enjoy a Giorgio Moroder style career renaissance.


Cerrone himself was characteristically confident of his chances.


“I feel EDM is coming to an end and we need something else,” he told the newspaper. “It’s like a freeway is opening up in front of me.”


Chatting to Skrufff several years ago about the late 70s ‘disco sucks’ backlash that eviscerated EDM’s equivalent genre of the era, crossover disco, he was equally blunt about how he was effected.


“I was never considered as part of the “Disco Sucks” backlash since it was targeting primarily dull pop song productions arranged in a disco way, for clear commercial reasons,” he pointed out.


“Disco music was about far more than that tiny part of dance music of the era, it was about a real philosophy and way of life alongside the music. In comparison to that, those third hand copy-cat copies of disco that were made back then could only suck.”


He also downplayed suggestions he was ever in competition with Giorgio Moroder at any points in their careers.


 “Actually, there was never any real competition between us, in fact, our productions were always really different,” he pointed out.


“Moroder’s were a lot more ‘song’ oriented (e.g. Donna Summer) whereas mine were more ‘dance floor’ oriented.  Our main similarity was that we were two Europeans producers selling so many records in the world and imposing this new style; music for discothèques.”



The Best of Cerrone Productions is out now. 



















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