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Serial Killer Suspected Of Stalking Manchester’s Canals




UK criminologist Professor Craig Jackson warned this week that a serial killer could be responsible for some of the 61 people who have drowned in Manchester waterways since 2008, and called for police to re-consider their conclusions that all were accidental.


“It is extremely unlikely that such an alarming number of bodies found in the canals is the result of accidents or suicides,” the Birmingham City University expert told the Manchester Evening News.


“Canals are not popular suicide spots, especially for men. They are, however, popular dumping sites. And water can be a sure way to erase DNA evidence.”


Though Manchester police dismissed his claims, the Professor said studies showed predator killers frequently select vulnerable victims such as drunk or drugged men in the types of isolated areas where many of the Manchester bodies were found.


He also singled out the death of 18 year old reveller Souvik Pal, whose body was found 3 weeks after he was seen leaving the Warehouse Project with  a ‘mystery man’, as being particularly suspicious.


Souvik’s father also raised questions about the police investigation into his son’s death two years ago, via a posting on Facebook on the ‘Find Souvik Pal’ page soon after the case was closed.


“Souvik my son got lost in new years eve party from warehouse project, old Traford last year,” he wrote, “Police found his boddy (sic) 50 feet away only after 22 days in a canal.”


“It is high time for police and administration take some serious action to prevent this happening (missing & death) in a country like UK,” he said.


The story struck a chord with America’s so called Smiley Face murder spree, where two retired detectives suggested a killer or even gang of killers were responsible for the ‘accidental drowning’ deaths of over 40 male college students close to highway ‘I-94’ from the mid-90s.


Police similarly dismissed suggestions of foul play, though speaking to CNN in 2008, retired New York cop Anthony Duarte, said the discovery of the dead men ‘drowned’ in nearby rivers was highly significant.


“The effect of water on evidence makes for an almost perfect crime,” Duarte told CNN.


“Not only does it make it appear like an accidental drowning instead of a murder, but the water frequently washes away key pieces of evidence such as fingerprints and fibers, so the killer can’t be identified.” CNN: )


Notoriously vicious serial killer Gary Leon Ridgway who was convicted of 49 murders and admitted killing around 80 women (he lost count), also used water to cover his tracks, becoming known as the Green River Killer when his first five victims were discovered in the river.















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