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UK Authorities Blamed for ‘Superman’ Pill Deaths




Dutch researchers alerted the British government about deadly ‘Superman’ pills containing PMMA five days before three men died in Suffolk after taking the pills thinking they were ecstasy, the Ipswich Star reported this week.


Leading criminologist Dr Caroline Chatwin, from the University of Kent, criticised authorities for failing to share the ‘detailed information’ despite the known dangers associated with PMMA adulterated pills.


“The Trimbos Institute issued its highest alert possible on these same pink Superman pills after testing them and finding that they contained deadly PMMA,” Ms Chatwin told the newspaper.


“The failure on the part of the UK government to make public this knowledge means that they must take some responsibility for the events that unfolded,” she added.


British drugs expert Professor David Nutt also blamed the latest deaths on the UK’s ‘illogical drugs policy’ and called for increased testing of seized pills with results being publicised immediately on internet databases ‘so users can check what they’re taking’.


“The emergence of the more toxic PMA following the so-called “success” in reducing MDMA production is just one of many examples of how prohibition of one drug leads to greater harm from an alternative that is developed to overcome the block,” the Professor told the Guardian.


“Let’s stop pretending that these PMA deaths are unexpected effects of rogue “ecstasy” and tell the truth: they are a consequence of our current illogical and punitive drug policy.”




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