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Berlin Love Train ‘Demonstration’ Returns




Organisers of an upcoming Berlin street parade called the Love Train (Zug De Liebe’ have dismissed mainstream comparisons with the Berlin Love Parade, stressing that as well as aiming to attract thousands to dance in the streets they hope to raise political awareness and to tackle apathy.


“We have no guiding principle, we have no sponsors, and we also don’t want to book any international DJ’s,” parade planner Martin Hüttmann told broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenberg, “We are a demonstration,” he stressed (DeutscheWelle)


“Our common past shows that things can be changed, even under the most difficult circumstances,” the even organisers added on their website.


“Straying away from thoughts and comparisons with mass-events like the Loveparade or the Carnivale of cultures, we want to make a statement as a political demonstration for community, love and empathy,”


“We will make a statement and will show that our generation is composed of more than hedonistic, politically disinterested consumerist party people.”




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