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Liverpool’s Garlands Fights Police Closure





Garlands has launched an official petition to save the acclaimed mixed gay northern clubbing institution, after cops shut down the club following a massivr drugs raid two weeks ago.


“Garlands is THE main gay friendly club in all of Liverpool!” the petition notes.


“When was the last time a fight broke out there? I can’t put a date on it! This club is the most safest, happiest, busiest nightclubs! All staff and clubbers get along, constant smiles! This place is home, these people are family! KEEP THIS PLACE OPEN!!”

Two more Liverpool venues, champagne/ cocktail club Republik and live venue the Lomax were also shut down as part of the police operation, with the Lomax currently ordered to stay shut for at least 3 months.


Promoters for the Lomax, however, issued a cautiously optimistic update on their own ‘Save The  Lomax’ Facebook page.


“On the face of it yes the Lomax is closed for 3 months. Ah but you should never take anything at face value,” the update advises.


“Sometime very soon we shall be making an application to have the Closure order withdrawn. Our evidence has not been tested yet, but that day is not too far away.”




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