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Brazil’s Meme Blasts DJ Booth Invaders




Meme and Frankie Knuckles



Rio de Janeiro house legend DJ Meme ordered clubbers to refrain from distracting him in the DJ booth this week, via a ‘non-personal’ statement he posted on Facebook.


“I know it looks like I’m only having some fun or maybe fooling around when I’m DJing, but actually I’m WORKING and someone is paying me for that, so PLEASE don’t come takin’ stupid selfie pictures or dancing by my side at the booth. I don’t like it,” Meme complained.


“When I’m there everything is like mine, cuz I’m taking control. The equipment, the speakers . . .  everything, including the booth itself. Respect the booth. That’s like a sanctuary for me,” he explained.


“My place is at the DJ booth, and your place is at the dancefloor, so stick there.  This is my forever statement and I ain’t change. Thank you. DJ Meme.”


Meme’s message matched the spirit of his much missed former Def Mix partner Frankie Knuckles, who chatting to Skrufff in 2006 described loathing clubbers who tried to impinge on his personal space as he DJed.


“There’s always the occasional person at the party who thinks I’m just not playing well enough. I don’t know these people and they don’t know me, but they think they do and they don’t seem to realize that when they come and interrupt me to say something like that, they completely break my concentration, destroying my evening.”


“I could never walk up to somebody else working and tell them they’re not performing to the best of their abilities; I could never do that to them and destroy their day.”  “But how do I get around it?


“The only way I can handle it is by not allowing them to get any closer to me. I don’t like to be put in that kind of position; I don’t want to be disconnected from the audience, I like being close to the crowd, but not so they can disturb me.


“I would say that probably 90% of the people understand that, but there’s that 10% who don’t, who think the purpose of me being that close to them is so they can bother me while I’m working. The minute they destroy my whole head and ruin my evening, then the rest of the night becomes work, and it’s awful,” he said.  ( )










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