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Lunatic Asylum Rules






“Her desire for theatres, musicals, lounging in the London fashionable streets, looking at shops etc, is insatiable.” (Standard: )


Newly published documents reveal why Ingrid Schwitzguebel was committed by her husband to notorious London asylum Bedlam in 1903 (other patients were forcibly locked up for ‘cross-dressing’ and ‘melancholia’). (‘Bethlam hospital is nearly 800 years old, and was the first institution in Europe to specialise in mental illness. Infamously nicknamed ‘Bedlam’, thousands of patients have passed – or been forced – through its doors over the centuries. Discover whether your ancestor was among their number, or even part of the staff who administered the sometimes bizarre treatments inside its walls . . .’)



“I woke up to them taking off my underwear and then went out again. I woke up the next day in a hospital robe.” (New York Daily News: )


Kam Brock describes waking up the locked psychiatric wing of Harlem Hospital after cops decided she was insane after she told them Obama was following her on Twitter (as she tried to convince them she was an upstanding citizen as she tried to collect her car which had been impounded).


Ms Brock subsequently was heavily sedated and detained for 8 days by doctors who demanded she ‘state that Obama is not following her on Twitter’, despite the fact he actually was. Ms Brock was then invoiced for $13,637.10 to cover her jail costs.













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