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Super-strength E-Alert




“Ecstasy tablets, way back when rave culture was happening in the late ‘80s, were 70 to 80 milligrams per tablet of MDMA. What we have now is the strength has gone up to 120mg and more. Recently a tablet contained 270mg of MDMA.” (Wales Online)


Josie Smith from drug testing agency Wedinos warns that ‘ecstasy strength has quadrupled as drug barons fight off legal high competitors’.



“Hundreds of people have died from PMA, PMMA and other fake ecstasy pills.


Even those deaths that have resulted after a person has taken pure MDMA can be traced back to prohibition, which inhibits truthful drug education and creates a stigma that only encourages misuse and abuse.” (Journal-Online )


Emanuel Sferios, founder of harm reduction drugs agency Dancesafe puts the blame squarely on war on drug supporting politicians for causing the vast majority of preventable drug deaths amongst young people using ‘ecstasy’.









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