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Free party Revellers Blast ‘Police Brutality’ at UKTEK2015




Partygoers who attended last weekend’s UKTEK free party in Lincolnshire have launched a Facebook page inviting revellers to write about what they witnessed after riot police fought with youths as they attempted to shut down the unlicenced event.


“The media is posting a lot of biased information about the rave that happened at Twyford woods, stating that the violence only came from the ravers,” the Facebook group declared.


“Everyone who attended this event knows that this is not the case and this group is for everyone to comment on what they saw and experienced so it can be sent to the media to create a report that isn’t one sided . . .” (Facebook )


“I was there and saw a lot of disgraceful behaviour from both sides, and don’t condone the action of the few,” Dean Cooper responded, “but all said and done turning up armed with helmets, body armour, riot sheilds and batons almost certainly gave the impression the police turned up to provoke a riot.”


“(There) wasn’t even an attempt to observe and assess the situation or communicate civilly with any of the (sound) systems involved,” he continued.


“They steamed in without thought for safety for anyone. It’s amazing how the press never mentioned how many people were beaten or injured that were not police.”


Graphic footage of the incident was uploaded to Youtube by long term raver Chris Shaw who told reporters he was shocked by the violence delivered by both sides.


“Ravers throwing glass bottles and stones and police swinging bats left, right and center. People were overly aggressive to members of the police and officers were attacking non-violent partygoers,” he recalled.











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