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Sexism & Sexual Harrassment in Mainstream Club Culture




“Even at credible techno events, Ibizan clubs are full of women dancing in cages, and the visual language of mainstream dance is based around ogling bikini shots.


Sexual harassment is still an epidemic on dancefloors.”


The Guardian singles out sexism as remaining a significant issue for UK based club culture in an article noting dance culture’s origins in the gay clubs of Chicago, Fire Island and Berghain.



“Girls in pasties and thongs. We need the PJ Harvey and the Kathleen Hanna of EDM to give young female fans another idea of cool.” (Billboard )


Kathryn Frazier ‘Owner, Biz3 Publicity; co-owner, OWSLA’, tells Billboard magazine her ‘“Worst Thing About Dance in 2015’ as she’s declared 15 in in the US magazine’s latest annual ‘top 30 EDM power player’s list’.






















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