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Soviet- Style Snitching Returns to Russia






Civil rights leader Alexander Cherkasov from the Memorial human rights advocacy group has accused Russian authorities of actively encouraging citizens to hunt down gay people, in a report in the Moscow Times examining the rise of informants using snitching and smears to isolate rivals and enemies.


“Everything is sliding back to 1937: denunciations, secret informants and squealers,” Irina Khaly from the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences told the Times.


“These people are not in the majority, but they seek career advancement and other benefits, so they are active,” she added.


The article appeared just as notorious St Petersburg deputy Vitaly Milonov outlined new plans to criminalise men taking their shirts off in public, with those wearing shorts and swimming suits also facing fines under his new ‘’nudity or unethical attire’ bill.


The gay obsessed St Petersburg lawmaker was the key architect behind Russia’s recent ‘gay propaganda’ laws, and also called for the introduction of ‘moral police’ to target gays, in an interview in 2014.


‘We must no longer have gay parades, gay shows and clubs. All social media pages for homosexuals should be removed,” he demanded, “If we do not, it will destroy the unity of the nation.” (GayStarNews: )













Click to watch Vice's 'young and gay in Putin's Russia' documentary in full

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