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Ecstasy Death Mum Blasts Britain’s ‘Vicious and Stupid Drug Laws’




Bereaved families of teenagers who’ve died after taking ecstasy launched a press campaign this week urging British Prime Minister David Cameron to ‘stop killing our children (by) legalizing drugs now’. 


The campaigners claimed ‘the government knows the evidence proves that legally regulating drugs would help protect all our families’ and Anne-Marie Cockburn, whose 15 daughter Martha Fernback died last year, blamed her death directly on Government legislation.


Martha had swallowed half a gram of MDMA powder (more widely known as ecstasy) that turned out to be 91% pure. Within two hours of taking it, my daughter died of an accidental ecstasy overdose. She was my only child. “Martha wanted to get high, she didn’t want to die”,” said Ms Cockburn.


All parents would prefer one of those options to the other. And while no one wants drugs being sold to children, if Martha had got hold of legally regulated drugs meant for adults, labelled with health warnings and dosage instructions, she would not have gone on to take 5-10 times the safe dose.


“When I hear that a young person has died and yet another family has joined the bereaved parents’ club, I feel helpless as I wonder how many more need to die before someone in government will actually do something about it?


As I stand by my child’s grave, what more evidence do I need that things must change? Isn’t this loss of precious lives an indicator of a law that is past its sell-by date and in need of urgent reform?”












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