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Techno Godfather Goes Back to School






Detroit electronic music pioneer Juan Atkins is presenting a series of four 3 hour masterclass sessions at the Detroit Institute of Music Education in August, where he’ll be delivering a ‘DJ crash course’ covering ‘signal flow, setup, blending, beat matching, song structure, harmonic mixing and constructing a set’.


“I am excited to impart the knowledge that I have acquired over my 35 years of making music,” the Model 500 producer told Big Shot Magazine. “I feel that this is my way of giving back to the community and to the youth.” (BigShotMag: )


Speaking about his 35 year DJing career to Capital New York several years ago, he emphasised the differences between ‘spontaneous’ club gigs and recorded sets and also stressed how having fun rather than ‘entrepreneurial’ planning was a key element in his early success.


“It was never about trying to make money,” he recalled. “It was always about who could play the best records and who had the best reaction from the crowd.” (CapitalNew York: )


Speaking at Music conference Midem earlier this year he was more reflective about his relative lack of commercial success compared to today’s EDM celebrity stars and similar lack of recognition amongst EDM fans.


“It’s not enough to say ‘he’s the creator of techno’; I still don’t fit that marketing model, so they don’t really get it,” he mused.


“That said, “I’m totally happy with where I am. Because if I had a major hit, it would probably have to be diluted to fit that model. And I’m not into diluting my music,” he added. (Midem: ) (‘The class will be held August 10th-13th (M-TH) from 7-10pm each night at DIME (1265 Griswold St., Detroit, MI), for a total of four masterclass sessions for $299. Equipment will be provided for students . . .’)


















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