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Frankie Knuckles Wall Tribute Campaign Needs Less than $1,000


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The crowd funding campaign set-up to raise money to relocate the Frankie Knuckles Tribute Mural has passed the 50% mark, after Derrick Carter posted it on his Facebook page sparking a flood of activity across blogs and social media.


Writing as the campaign needed just $700, fundraiser Michael Tupak said he remains optimistic.


“We have a meeting next week Wednesday the 12th with the Miles Of Murals group of Rogers Park to discuss moving the wall there. I also scouted some walls this week around the site of “The Warehouse” in the West Loop. There are a few prospects in that area,” he wrote in an update on Go Fund Me.


“I would say everything is going in the right direction. Thank you for the continued support!”


Launching the campaign last week, he described in detail his disappointment when he first discovered the original mural had already been half painted over then learned that the wall owner regarded the tribute as trivial.


“Back in May 2014, a group of artist came together to honour the late Frankie Knuckles.  A mural went up on a rooftop along the Blue Line in the Logan Square neighborhood.  For 4 hot and gruelling days, these gentlemen worked under the sun to complete this project.


It was done out of love for a city, community and culture grieving at the loss of their hero.  It was done because it had to be.  It was done completely out of pocket by these artists, with no sponsorship or financial support. It was not necessary.  It had to be done and done fast!” he recalled.


“We definitely need help being funded to do this, as it can be expensive,” he added.


“We need paint and other supply’s to do this.  Spray paint can be pretty expensive.   So we are asking for your help to give back and honour a man who gave so much!”





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