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Gay Hate Driven By Religious Belief






Homophobia (‘homonegativity’) is directly related to religious belief, according to the findings of a new study published this week, which examined attitudes towards gays with people’s religious beliefs in 79 countries.


“The more religious people were, the more they felt like God was an important factor in their life, the more they disliked homosexuals,” said study chiefs Sebastian Jackle and George Wenzelberger.


“Those who practice Islam expressed the most homonegativity, while Buddhists expressed the least.” (ZMEScience)


Details of the study emerged just as BBC Worldwide published the findings of the Yougov poll on attitudes in the UK which revealed that half of young Brits (49% of people aged between 18 and 24) ‘would not describe themselves as heterosexual’.


Speaking about the findings Guardian columnist Hannah Jane Parkinson ridiculed anti-gay laws inspired by legislators’ oxymoronic fears that ‘homosexuals breed homosexuality’.


“What the bigots really believe by heterosexuals “breeding” heterosexuality, is that the more visible and open gay people are, the higher the likelihood people with hidden same-sex inclinations will come to believe that this is acceptable and follow suit to live and love as they wish,” she said.


“The bigots are right. And what a glorious thing that is.” 












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