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Benga Blames Bipolar on ‘Drugs and Excessive Touring’






South London dubstep pioneer Benga has revealed on Twitter that he retired from DJing in February 2014 after developing schizophrenia as a result of the pressure and partying his life entailed, which resulted in him eventually being sectioned.


“My story today is for people to accept that people deal with mental issues!” the former Magnetic Man star tweeted.


“My bipolar was brought on by drugs and the schizophrenia was the result of excessive touring,” he continued. The stigma around it is what makes you so alone . . . Nobody recognises it.”


Aus producer Midland was one of many DJ/ producers who immediately responded


“Big respect to Benga,” he Tweeted, “Even if it doesn’t get that bad depression can be awful. I had terrible anxiety and depression when I moved to London.”


Scuba was also sympathetic.


“For my part, I’ve struggled with depression for many years and with an alcohol problem that I’ve managed to get under control in the past year,” he admitted.


Thankfully. I’m already on the record with all that though, no big confession.


“But if you haven’t got any mental health problems, respect to you too,” Scuba added.










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