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Technics (High-End) Turntables Return






“The turntable market is very small but it is a very important brand product. With this product we can show how seriously we can address the high-end market.” (Wired Magazine)


Panasonics brand director Michiko Ogawa announces plans to launch a new high-end turntable over a decade after they abandoned production of old skool DJ favourite model Technics SL-1200.


“The marketing, with pounding heartbeat in back and nostalgic references to dust, comes across as music as mid-life crisis, part Viagra ad, part car ad, just with warm and fuzzy record noise.” (Create Digital Music)


Prompting Create Digital Music critic Peter Kirn to declare (specifically about their 2014 ‘return of Technics’ promo video and use of the term ‘high end’) ‘yeah, shut up Technics; you’re making me feel $#&*(ing old just because I remember mix tapes).


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