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X Factor Pop Idol Loves Berlin (& Berghain)






Simon Cowell-selected super-starlet Leona Lewis chatted to Britain’s Daily Telegraph this week about her international jet-set lifestyle and revealed that Berlin is her favourite city because it’s ‘very arty with a lot of interesting cafés that cater to vegetarians like me’.


“I love the nightlife, too,” the occasional Avicii collaborator continued, “the club Berghain has one of the best sound systems in the world.”


A reporter for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corps Australia, meanwhile, also praised Berghain’s sound system in a review last week though seemed much more excited about the club’s “infamous ‘dark rooms’, where the most brazen of casual and random sexual encounters occur”.


Berghain is ‘the motherland of unconformity and a haven where outlandish sexual fantasies come true”, Julia D’Orazio declared/ confessed.


“The things I saw will never be unseen,” she shuddered.



Berghain: how to get into Berlin’s most exclusive nightclub (Daily Telegraph: 2014):  “Don’t dress as though you’re on a night out in the West End – Berlin is a casual city and the only people you’ll see in Berghain in heels and fake nails are transvestites . . . ”












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