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Andrew Weatherall & Cameron Carpenter on Gentrification





“Deep down I knew about seven or eight years ago that my time was most probably up.


It was the Saturday afternoon I saw the stretch limo disgorge its hen party payload onto the Old Street pavement but down in my bunker denial was beginning to set in and I felt increasingly like a Jungle dwelling Japanese soldier who refuses to believe the war is over.” (


Andrew Weatherall ruminating philosophically about being forced out of his Scrutton Street Studios complex as gentrification drove rent rates in Shoreditch beyond the reach of anyone except bankers and corporations.







“In New York, you have a Chanel cornered by a Prada. That’s gentrification to me. To hear people talk about gentrification in Berlin, you chuckle to yourself.” (Financial Times)


Berlin (Mitte) based US expat ex Club Kid/ classical organist Cameron Carpenter says Berlin retains its (relative) edge.







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