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Berghain’s Homoerotic Halls






“Undeniably, the essays, images, and graphic design of the recent book Berghain Kunst im Klub call our attention to the structure of a homoerotic look transacted through space.”


“The architecture of queer visibility, which this book covers in detail, troubles the heterosexist perspective by overturning the social rules forbidding male spectacle within public space.” (Electronic Beats)


Chris Dercon, outgoing curator/ director of London Tate Gallery, singles out the queer essence of Berghain’s infrastructure for being a defining element of the Berlin club’s essence on a review of new book Kunst im Klub.



“When someone mentions Berlin’s most famous nightlife destination, Berghain, you probably think techno, ice cream and random sex acts being performed on the dancefloor. And you wouldn’t be wrong.


You can enjoy all those things within the hallowed walls of the former power plant. But there’s another side to the notorious nightclub that most don’t think about: the art, and how the club doubles as an exhibition space.” (Insomniac )


As does EDM kingpins Electric Daisy Carnival in an equally effusive review of the book on their Insomniac website.





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