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DJ Harvey & Levon Vincent-Glasses Half Full . . .





“People love to moan and I’m just not having it. I don’t look back to a time when it was better.


I’m looking at a time right now when it’s absolutely amazing.”  (Time Out New York )


Super-eclectic superstar DJ legend Harvey insists today’s club culture is as good as ever . . .



“Where has the hint of Jazz influence gone? Afro-Cuban rhythms? Still, interesting stuff these days, but can a guy get a 7th chord once and again? Why has the scene shut down all the cultural collage, the melting pot, in favor of just, angst/ angry music? Im bored.” (Facebook )


As tech-house star/ polemicist Levon Vincent complains ‘Techno has never reminded me so much of heavy metal as todays’ era’.











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