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Hardwell Vs Soundcloud (Vs Everybody Else…)




“SoundCloud Please guys, get your shit together. I keep getting copyright problems while it’s released on my own label.” 


EDM superstar Hardwell takes to Twitter to blast Soundcloud take-down notices.



“Any DJ using tracks in an online mix needs the permission of both Label and Publisher. Whilst you may have received a promo, this doesn’t legally entitle you to use it on line, particularly if the mix is subsequently downloadable.


I can pretty much assure anyone in the Electronic Music Community that mass takedowns and even legal action will be the norm within 2 years on all DJ mix sites where permission is not obtained.” (Facebook)


As former PRS chief turned AFEM boss Mark Lawrence predicts that all streaming sites face being ‘dragged into the world of permission and monetization’ in the imminent future.




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