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Another Underground London Venue Faces Closure






Thousands of people have signed a petition calling on London Mayor Boris Johnson to resist plans by CrossRail to demolish iconic alternative music venue Electrowerkz, which over its two decade incarnation has hosted parties including Slimelight, Torture Garden and Kaos.


Noting that the railway developers have already destroyed the Astoria and the Ghetto and are aiming to flatten Camden’s Electric Ballroom, the petition declares ‘surely its obvious London will become a homogenised wasteland devoid of any cultural significance that tourists will have no reason to visit.’


“London was for a very long time looked upon as the worldwide centre of popular and alternative culture but acts of cultural vandalism like this are destroying that legacy,” the letter continues, “Please stop this rot and protect this iconic venue’s future!” 


The petition was published just as Amsterdam Night Mayor Mirik Milan visited London for meetings and talks with politicians and activists as well as a no holds barred interview with London listings magazine Time Out.


“London is the music capital of the world, but 40 percent of the industry is being killed because they want to build condos,” said Mirik.


“In the end, the city will suffer,” he predicted, “Everybody knows a diverse area is the most interesting place to be at, not a not a monoculture.” (Time Out London)









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