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Big Shot Magazine’s 210 DJs’ Tales of 2015



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210 DJs have contributed to Big Shot’s latest annual year-in-review feature which included revelations such as Funk D’void admitting his lowlight was ‘getting fat’ and Mark Broom’s even more candid revelation that his worst moment of 2015 was when ‘I ran out of coconut water the other day.’


Gareth Whitehead referenced having to deal with ‘the usual egotistical monsters in this industry’ while Gary Martin was more personal.


“Well I did hit a tree with a motorcycle the day after my birthday,” he recalled. “It was raining, and I was hung over”.


The frankest confession, however, came from Andrea Parker, who recalled having numerous dark moments throughout the year, both emotionally and physically.


“Lowlights? Reversing into my own house. Fracturing my foot and having to wear a Beckham boot. Getting delayed on the Eurostar for two and a half hours on my way to the Transient Festival in Paris when they ran out of gin and tonic and toilet paper,” she shuddered.


“Hearing Ellie Goulding’s new single in the car the other day,” she continued. (“Then) just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, hearing Kylie doing a duet with some comedian covering “Only You” by Yazoo. Bad times.”
















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