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‘Don’t Dress Feminine’ in Dubai Warning


Richie Hawtin performs in Dubai on New Years Eve at Groove on the Grass, at her Royal Emirates Golf Club- click for more



Men visiting Dubai should dress extremely conservatively or risk being jailed according to a new alert issued this week by civil liberties organization Detained in Dubai.


“We are addressing a case at the moment where a (male) holiday maker was acccused of wearing feminine clothing and arrested at the Dubai Mall,” Detained in Dubai warned in their newsletter this week.


“Men should ensure that they are dressed in a standard way with nothing that could be perceived as feminine,’ they advised.


The warning appeared just two years after Muslim officials in Malaysia published an official guide for parents outlining the kind of potentially feminine clothes that might indicate homosexuality.


As well as singling out ‘tight, light-coloured clothes’, the Teachers Foundation of Malaysia had more specific advice.


‘If your son likes wearing v-neck jumpers, it’s a sign he’s gay”, they explained. (Daily Mail)


Richie Hawtin performs in Dubai on New Years Eve at Groove on the Grass, at the Royal Emirates Golf Club




Monty Python Dubai Style Guides:









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