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Help Wanted Urgently for Homeless & Ill Colonel Abrams





Underground Network DJ Don Welch has launched a crowd funding campaign to support 80s house pioneer Colonel Abrams, who the campaign revealed is currently homeless and so sick he’s unable to perform.


The highly respected house singer achieved one of the first worldwide crossover house hits in 1985 when Trapped sold over 5 million copies though ‘has fallen on some really hard times due to health issues’, he said on GoFundme.


“The Colonel is very ill with no permanent place of his own to live at this time and limited financial resources,” he wrote.


“(We) are calling on all his fans worldwide to join in helping us in this mission to raise enough money to get him consistent housing, access to wrap around social services as well as to help give his finances a boast, so that he can get back on track to sustaining himself with the assistance of a credible accounting firm we have identified that is willing to donate some of their services!!!


“If the Colonel was healthier today, trust and believe he could still be making money on stage performing his greatest hits, but unfortunately his current health issues hinders him from doing so.  Any amount that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated in helping out our brother in need.”


Click here to contribute






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