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How to Defeat ISIS: ‘Give Them Ecstasy’





US TV chat show host Stephen Colbert called on western forces to try to trick maniacal ISIS killers high on meth substitute Captagon to switch to ecstasy, this week, in an editorial in his show.


“Less of the spiders on your face, stabby drugs,” the Late Show host urged “and more of the peace and love drugs.”


His suggestion struck a chord with revelations which emerged ten years ago of chemical weapons experts in the US army who investigated producing aphrodisiac chemicals to induce rampant homosexuality amongst enemy soldiers.


The ‘love bombs’ were intended to deliver a ‘distasteful but completely non-lethal blow’ to morale by making troops ‘sexually irresistible to each other’, the BBC revealed, “and were tested in 1994 alongside other chemicals which delivered halitosis and excessive flatulence (apparently to help detect undercover enemies and spies). (BBC: )


While Pentagon official Captain Dan McSweeney of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate claimed the love bombs were never developed significantly, the project shared similarities with a similar secret weapon programme developed by the apartheid era South African military, who produced over 900kg of top quality ecstasy as a non lethal weapon also in the early 90s.


Leading scientist Johan Koekemoer told South Africa’s the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1998 that he personally manufactured the MDMA for notorious chemical warfare programme Project Coast, under the direction of infamous chemist Dr Wouter Basson (also known as Dr Death).


The Doctor was later controversially acquitted by the Commission, though not before he accused the US of using hallucinogenic weapons against Iraq in the first Gulf War.


“I had good reason to believe that America used a BZ variant against Iraq during the Gulf War,” Dr Basson said in court.


“Analysis of video material showing surrendering troops emerging from their underground bunkers show that they had dilated pupils, were drooling and had vacant stares. It appeared like the clinical profile of a BZ variant,” he claimed.


Ecstasy Produced for ‘Riot Control’ in South Africa  















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