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Outsiders & Outcasts Tarot Card Kickstarter Campaign Concludes


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A crowd-funding campaign to raise money for a set of tarot cards themed as a ‘post-apocalyptic reclamation of magic’ has succeeded just three days before the US$25,000 project was due to expire.


New York alternative artist Cristy C. Road will now be producing 500 packs of the ‘Next World Tarot’ decks which feature contemporary images reflecting her punk/ queer/ activist background and beliefs.


“While the Tarot is consistent, it’s always relative to the reader/viewer. We want to find ourselves in our decks, and we want them to tell our story,” she explains on the site.


“My stories are about smashing systematic oppression, owning our truths, being accountable to the people and places that support us, and taking back a connection to your body that may have been lost through trauma or societal brainwashing.”


“What began as a cast of electric queer characters, evolved into a disarray of minds, bodies, and souls; who all triumph over some kind of societal challenge,” she continues.


“The NEXT WORLD TAROT is a visual spectacle of both the battle cry and the reconnection, between outcasts and their criminalized identities.”









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