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DJ Justin Jones Vs Female DJs Vs (tech-house) DJ Justin James





American EDM/ pop jock Justin Jones has issued a defiant response after being branded a sexist when he posted an advert seeking young slim, agent-less female DJs on Facebook group Support Female DJs, declaring ‘I have thick skin, I can take it’.


“Some of my favorite DJs / Producers are female,” the erstwhile MTV Spring Break DJ and self-declared ‘dance-floor rocker’ turned Internet hate magnet declared on Facebook.


“I can not control the thought-process and actions of others. I DO NOT CARE,” he continued.


“As I said in my personal message with the troll that started all of this; If you are offended by my words, I am sorry that I am not sorry. I am the FURTHEST thing from a misogynist.”


“I am however guilty of being careless with the way I worded my post in aforementioned group,” he conceded.


The Miami based globetrotter’s careless wording involved him inviting female DJs weighing between 47 and 54 kilos aged between 21 and 32 to contact him directly (‘not your manager or agency but you’) as well as him stressing ‘lastly and most importantly, do not suck’.


“I only work with attractive female DJS that know how to read a room and play,” he added.


Namesake Canadian techno DJ Justin James was alarmed.


“This is escalating quite quickly!!!” the Sci-Tec/ Minus producer wrote on his own Facebook page.


“Please don’t mistake this ignorant fool for me, as some of you have already.” 









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