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Jailed in Russia Berlin DJ Free Soon (But . . . )


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Supporters of Nik Lisak have renewed their crowd-funding campaign to raise money to help the German DJ/ promoter who has been locked up in Russia’s infamously brutal prison system after being arrested he DJed at a Russian party in Moscow in possession of party drugs.


Detained initially in one of Moscow’s notoriously violent and dangerous pretrial detention centers he was later sent to a Siberian prison colony though could soon be back in Berlin, the crowd funding page claims. However, he also needs more money for legal bills, it says.


“We are in the last stages of bringing Nik to Germany – the Russian authorities have decided positively in November 2015, and now we are waiting for him to be transported to Moscow and then to Berlin, hopefully some time in the next months,” the campaign page says.


“What happened to the money that was collected so far?” the page continues in a section ‘Questions you might have’.


“Mostly, we had to spend it on lawyers. The Moscow lawyer we had to hire during the first year to cover the trial cost 2.000€ per month (these services in Moscow are super-expensive). Then we had to hire a German lawyer with experience in extraditions, to help us facilitate and speed up the process. Also, we had to hire an additional Russian lawyer in the town of the colony, mostly for his safety and for the trial last November.”


“Apart from this, we take care of needs he as in prison, to keep him healthy, safe and alive,” they add.


Weeks before he was arrested in January 2013, he posted a strangely prescient statement on Facebook declaring ‘No- nothing is secure. Nothing can be secure because a secure life will be worse than death. Life is full of uncertainties, full of surprises – that is its beauty’.


12 months on, he managed to add just one message from the gulag, suggesting he’s continued to sustain his spirit.


“Don’t underestimate yourself! The best come from you when you are down and out & everyone has written you off.”










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