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Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Divine Monument






Art-lovers in Baltimore have launched an online fund-raising campaign to raise US$70,000 to build an eight-foot tall statue commemorating the moment when Divine proved her credentials as the “Filthiest Person Alive” by eating fresh dog shit at the of John Waters’ seminal cult classic movie Pink Flamingos.


“At first glance this monument might masquerade as a typical devotional space, but make no mistake with a second look across the alley, the piece will irreverently and outrageously scream in pitched Bawlemorese, “Hey, damn it. I’m right here — and I’m simply DIVINE!” the Kickstarter hosts explain.


“By embracing traditional architectural motifs and materials like marble, granite and bronze, the piece will clearly reference other devotional spaces built for contemplation and reflection,” they continue.


“However, rather than the typical serene reliquary space, a large scale portrait etched in black granite will be readable from across the street, and upon closer inspection the viewer will encounter a beautiful cast bronze dog feces perched on marble steps”.


Though the creators also explained they have chosen to celebrate the movie’s notorious climatic scene ‘because of the direct impact it had on the cultural identity of Baltimore’, city officials reacted positively.


“The mayor thinks that the idea sounds divine,” said Howard Libit, a spokesman for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told the Baltimore Sun, “And looks forward to seeing more details on the proposal.”










Click to access the campaign




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