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Robert F.X. Sillerman: Einstein & the Death of EDM


click to read Sillerman's original 2012 Billboard piece in full



“I don’t know whether it’s directed at a specific individual, or a type of individual, or more as my interpretation of Albert Einstein’s fabulous quote: ‘No problem can ever be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’


And that’s what I’ve done my whole life. So what he said so eloquently, I say, ‘Fuck off.’”  (Billboard)


Music Blog highlights Robert F.X. Sillerman’s explanation for why he tucked a handkerchief with the words ‘fuck off’ into his leather jacket for his 2012 Billboard cover article and interview in which he boasted of his US$1billlion plan to ‘conquer the world of dance music’.


The blog also suggested SFX’s bankruptcy announcement this week is ‘as resonant a sound of the EDM bubble bursting as any.’


Investigating how SFX Entertainment Destroyed Beatport














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