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Western Ravers Locked Up in China





Riot police in China who raided a rave in Shenzhen last weekend, drug tested hundreds of revellers and arrested scores who tested positive, the Shenzhen Daily News reported this week.


6 Brits and a number of Americans were amongst the 50 partygoers at the well known outdoor free party tunnel location who were still locked up several days later, the Guardian reported, with all 50 facing potentially ‘extremely severe penalties, according to official Foreign Office travel advice.


“The Chinese authorities undertake random drug testing on foreign nationals including on entry to the country. If a foreign national tests positive, the Chinese authorities can prosecute regardless of where or when the drugs had been consumed,” the FO warn.


“There are extremely severe penalties for drugs offences, including the death penalty. A British national was executed in China for a drugs offence in December 2009.”


“Police have the power to arrest, detain or withhold your passport if you are suspected of a crime.


“Suspects may be detained for weeks or months before charges are laid or given a travel ban preventing them from leaving China. Courts don’t generally grant foreigners bail.” (UK official travel advice: )


An anonymous raver who tested negative for drugs and was later released told the Shenzhen Daily News there was no way of escaping the raid.


“They made sure it was my pee, by literally looking at me do it,” he said.


“I feel like this is a way to send a signal to the expat community,” he suggested ( )












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