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British DJ Jailed in Goa




Psy-trance DJ Allan Bainbridge, 49, was given a 10 years of ‘rigorous imprisonment’s sentence in an Indian court this week, after being found guilty of being in possession of LSD and MDMA. (Business-Standard:  )


The 49 year old Brit was arrested at his home in Anjuna in March 2014 as part of an ongoing investigation into expat DJs which involved local police building dossiers on international DJs visiting the region.


Talking to IANS last year an anonymous ‘senior official’ said cops continued to gather intelligence on DJs playing regularly at ‘notorious’ music clubs.


Some of the DJs are part of this ecosystem because they sell the drugs which are often consumed during these parties. Therefore they become very effective pushers who do not have to reach out to consumers,” he told IANS.


“Their consumers flock to them”. (FirstPostIndia )















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