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‘Legalise Drugs’ To Reduce Radicalisation & Terror


Click to access 'Prisoner Radicalization and Sacred Terrorism' report


“Contrary to popular opinion, radicalization does not primarily happen in the mosques and community centers of Europe’s Muslim communities.


Comfortably the most fertile ground for radicalization—above all in Belgium’s neighbor, France—is the prison system, which is overcrowded with young Muslim men.” (Vice Magazine)


Drug expert Patrick Hilsman suggests decriminalizing drugs could significantly reduce the risk of young Muslim men becoming terrorists.



US Trends in Prisoner Conversions to Islam:


Islam is the fastest growing religion in Western prisons

80% of all US prison conversions are to Islam

Includes African-Americans, Hispanics and Whites

Annual prisoner conversions to Islam: 35,000

Percent Muslims in major prison systems: 18%

Prison conversions to Islam since 9/11: 420,000


Source: Prisoner Radicalization and Sacred Terrorism




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