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God Hates EDM?





Evangelical EDM fans from Westboro Baptist Church revealed this week that scores of their followers have recently bought three-day tickets for America’s biggest EDM event Electric Daisy Carnival, apparently with the goal of reaching out to fellow ravers during the three day Vegas party.


Westboro Baptist Church spokesperson Lisa Greer said Westboro members were particularly attracted by EDC’s reputation for being a ‘trashy haven for inappropriate sexual activity and rampant drug use.’


“In addition to the rampant drug use and inappropriate heterosexual sexual activity, this festival openly supports and welcomes gay attendees,” she enthused in an interview with NBC, promising ‘we hope to thwart these blatant sins against Jesus Christ’. (AMC )


Republican presidential candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich, meanwhile defended Westboro Church and similarly gay obsessed religious organisations in an interview with CNN and advised gay people worried about homophobes to ‘just get over it’.


“There is a legitimate concern for people being able to have their deeply-held religious beliefs,” the Governor declared.


I just wish that everybody would take a breath and calm down,” he continued, “If people would just calm down here, I think things would settle down.”












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