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Hackney Defends 5am Club Curfew






East London council chiefs have denied being killjoys after acclaimed underground club Dance Tunnel announced they are to close because of too strict licensing conditions making their business unviable.


Announcing on Monday that they’ll be shutting down in August, the tiny Kingsland High Street basement club apologized to regulars for ‘letting them down’ and stressed ‘we really tried to make it work.’


“Sadly the licensing climate in Hackney has made it impossible for us to get the hours we need to make Dance Tunnel sustainable in the long term,” they explained.


Two days, later, however, Hackney Council defended their stance.


“Dance Tunnel has a premises licence to operate until 3am. They have not applied to extend their opening hours for over two years. They have however been able to regularly operate until 5am using Temporary Event Notices,” they said.


“Hackney Council values its vibrant and exciting nightlife, and we are proud of the borough’s reputation as a night-time destination. However, we need to balance the needs of businesses against the rights of our residents to a good night’s sleep.”


Dance Tunnel responded rapidly via their Facebook page.


“It hasn’t been an easy decision to make, but for us Dance Tunnel’s future lies elsewhere,” they said.


“We need to regroup and look further afield to find a space where we are subject to fewer compromises.” (Facebook)


Petition: Stop Hackney Council Licensing laws closing Dance Tunnel: “Hackney Council’s licensing laws are forcing vital underground music venue Dance Tunnel to close. This closure is yet another hammer blow to London’s list of dwindling small venues . . .”









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