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ISIS Vs Surveilance Society Vs Activist Citizens





“Hundreds of “messengers” on motorbikes or camels carry information and orders to and from ISIS commanders before they decide whether to strike or go into hiding from a coming Egyptian assault.


By using these human couriers, ISIS operatives can eschew communication by satellite networks, cell phones and social media, which are susceptible to eavesdropping.” (Debka: )


Israeli intelligence news portal Debka explains why ‘no espionage or counterterrorism services, whether Egyptian, American or Israeli, has ever managed to penetrate the secret Bedouin smuggling master hub’ currently helping ISIS in Egypt.



“The video camera is running all the time for use later, the mobile phone is used to text video footage back to base so they can run it through our face recognition software so we can tell who is here, where they’ve been before and to identify any potential trouble makers.” ( )


Counter-culture protest photographer Matthew Smith recalls a police photographer explaining why their brief was to record ‘faces’ at protests and demonstrations in the UK.










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