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Danny Howells Parachutes to Help Animal Sanctuary


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UK underground house star Danny Howells is to make a sponsored parachute jump in June, to raise funds for a Scarborough based animal sanctuary which faces imminent closure unless they raise £35,000 by the end of June (Click here to donate )


Chatting to Skrufff this week, Danny said he’d been inspired to lend his support in particular by the plight of disabled bullock Duke, who needs intense care and has had special wheels made for him so he can still walk around.


“I started following a lot of animal welfare pages and sanctuaries when I first started questioning why I was still eating meat,” said Danny.


“I was looking for information and hoping to discover more about the animals that are generally considered “food” and so on. I started following the CALF Sanctuary, and I loved their work with the rescues, but it was when they rescued a disabled bullock called Duke that I really, along with many others, started to take notice. They built him wheels so he could mobilise and he became best friends with a lamb called Kev,” he explained.


“I’ve been supporting them as they’re losing their lease on their current property and currently rely very heavy on public support as they get no help from the Government,” he continued.


“They have only a short time to raise enough cash for the new property they’ve found, which is why I’ve been selling everything I can get my hands on for them, as well as doing this jump. My ghastly shirt from the cover of the GU album went for a record 500 quid!!”



Skrufff: Have you ever parachute jumped before, or broken any bones?


Danny Howells: “I’ve never done it, no, but always thought it would be amazing. I might hurt myself as I’m really shit at most things physical- I fall over most days.


I don’t think I’ve broken anything like an arm or a leg before . . .  are you trying to put me off or what? Though as I recal II might have broken my nose when I was a teenager,  I fell off my bike whilst teaching my brother how to ride a bike (!) and smashed my face in. That’s why I’m all scarred up with a wonky nose.”


Skrufff: Have you ever stage dived?


Danny Howells: “I did a stage dive at DC10 years ago, I was forced into it actually but what made it so memorable was the fact that I was wearing all white. An absolutely fucking hideous ensemble. It’s on Youtube but I’m not exhuming it.”


Skrufff; How about any other dangerous sports? You big on rollercoasters? 


Danny Howells: “Yes I love all that stuff like roller coasters, I’ve never done anything really dangerous though. I suppose my driving skills have always been considered dangerous, and when I used to ride a moped in the ‘80s I once crashed it into a Police car, which was really funny. I’m in my early 40s now though so this is the time for mid-life crisis challenges. Got any ideas for me?”


Skruff; Any plans to wear red trousers for the jump?


Danny Howells: Don’t know yet! I’m working on the details .. I’m co-owner of a replica Prince Purple Rain jacket so I’m on the lookout for a ruffled white shirt to match that and a pair of high heels. That could work.”


Danny jumps on June 17; click here for more details and to donate.
















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