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Ted Cruz Taunted as Trump Triumphs





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Now ex-presidential candidate and still suspected mass murderer Ted Cruz was viciously condemned on social media again this week after he finally conceded defeat to Donald Trump.


“Ted cruz has dropped out of the presidential race to focus on his career of being a serial killer full time”, Elijah Daniel noted while Donald J. Trump ?(@reaIDonaldTrunp) was characteristically magnaminous.


“Good,” he Tweeted, “Now loser @TedCruz can go back to Zodiac Killing.”


Cruz’ old college roommate Craig Mazen also celebrated his failure via Twitter, pointing out ‘Ted Cruz kept saying God wanted him to be President . . . so either there is no God, or he reeeeally doesn’t like Ted.”


The massively unpopular Republican contender threw in the towel after a last-ditch attempt to brand Trump as his uncannily similar doppleganger Biff in Back To The Future, bizarrely failed.


“The man is utterly amoral,” Cruz complained in a final campaign speech in which he also labelled Trump a ‘serial philanderer,” “pathological liar,” and “narcissist”.


“We are looking, potentially, at the Biff Tannen presidency”, he warned. (










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